Sunday, 10 February 2013

Product Review - pOcpac phone protector

The pOcpac iPac - £6.99

I'm a big fan of small businesses, always have been.  Wherever possible, I'll prefer to spend my money supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups, particularly here in the U.K.

One recent example of a UK business I've recently bought from is pOcpac, who market a range of waterproof wallets.  I came across them as their owner is a member of my Linkedin group for businesspeople into cycling (click here to join).  Offering group members a discount on orders recently, I thought I'd order an iPhone wallet initially to see how it performs.

The wallet, which fits the phone in snugly along with a couple of credit cards and some small change arrived within 48hours or ordering it and with harsh conditions predicted for the weekend, the timing was perfect.

Swipe Away

There's nothing new in the concept of waterproof wallets or bags.  Many people are still running around with freezer bags in their back pocket with their essential bits in.  In times gone by, when I used to freezer bags, it used to send my smartphone (back then a Blackberry) into haywire mode.  The moisture build-up would make it do strange stuff, so I bought a waterproof pouch.

The thing that stands out about the pOcpac wallet is that you can use your touchscreen whilst the phone remains inside the wallet.   That's the smart bit for me.  When it's raining, as it was today, just being able to quickly check my e-mail/texts without having to unpack everything was really handy.   I use an iPhone now, so everything is driven through the touch screen rather than the keys on the previous Blackberry.

Arriving home drenched to the skin after three hours in wind, rain and cold conditions following my ride today, my phone, money and cards were all dry and fully functioning - result.

pOcpac sell a range of different size pouches, depending on how much you tend to carry in your back pocket.  For less then seven quid, thought that this is one of those purchases which makes a lot of sense and all sales assist another UK cycling business.  Show them your support if you need something like this for adventures.

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