Monday, 29 March 2010

The Cheshire Cat 2010

Thoughts after yesterdays 100 mile Cheshire Cat Sportive.

  • The start was a bit of a nightmare, took far too long to get going. 40 mins queueing for us.
  • The wind blew through the whole day, making life pretty tough and the front end energy sapping.
  • The first 35 miles were really hard. Taking in four major climbs.
  • I didn't get up Mow Cop. I was disappointed, however I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still only nine months into my new hobby and I will get up there in time.
  • Thought the hill called "Winkle" was the 2nd hardest hill on the ride by a long way.
  • There were some absolutely fantastic bikes on the course, real bikeporn to oggle at as you went round.
  • People didn't really group in the first 50 miles, back 50 - as energy levels dropped - groups were forming. My club - North Cheshire Clarion - formed up a train and everyone jumped on it.
  • Talking of which, we stood out as a club on the day. Club kits looked great and plenty of us!
  • Food wise I got through five gels, 1 x snickers bar, 2 x bananas, 1 x apple pie, 4 x 500ml bottles of PSP and a bottle of Rego when I got back to the car. On reflection, I still had quite a bit left in my pockets at the end, so I won't take so much next time.
  • I'd planned to do the 67 at the beginning of the day as I'd been struggling with a neck strain all week, at the 50M point I changed my mind and went for the 100. Glad I did!
The ride profile is here, the route can be seen here if you're interested.

Total distance for me including riding from the car park and stuff was 104 miles, ride time 7hrs 13mins, Avg speed 14.41 mph, 3175 feet of climbing, top speed 43 mph


  1. Nice one Phil, great stuff. I would definitely check out the Macclesfield Bikeathon - it goes around up to Winkle before flattening out around Jodrell Bank and back. Really nice ride.

    Totally agree on the bike porn - some expensive stuff going down yesterday! I saw you guys pulling along a monster on a train on the way back home through Middlewich - looked great in the kit!

  2. That Wincle is a bugger init and I think you did great considering you looked in pain at the 75 mile stop, I would have shouting for the broom waggon :}

  3. I did the 67 yesterday and like yourself my first year of serious cycling
    doing the etape this year so next 3 months are crucial
    good luck

    cheers Jim (Hart)