Sunday, 13 February 2011

Red pill or the blue pill?

Remember that scene from the Matrix when Neo gets asked about taking the red pill or the blue pill?

We had one of those moments today, when forty five miles or so into a windy and rainy ride we could opt to either take the short route home (the red pill) or opt for the longer drag (the blue pill).

Given that my ride partner was out on his maiden voyage on his brand Specialized Tarmac SL3, it had to be done (gorgeous bike by the way, same as the one in the picture). The blue pill it was.

That choice pushed todays mileage up to an unplanned 65 for the day. In a headwind and with driving rain for the back 25, conditions were difficult, however the grimace went on and carry on we did. I felt great today, could have easily knocked 100 out I reckon, pedals just seemed to be turning, perhaps some of my pre-Xmas fitness is starting to come back. Let's hope so.

Most irritating moment of the day was forgetting to press the start key on the Garmin 705, so none of my ride stats got captured. Garmin, will you please just put an option in the menu that if you load a route, it automatically says "Do you want to start this route now?" The prompt would be appreciated.

Riding back home, I thought that when I first started riding, rain, hills, wind etc was an excuse to not go out. Contrast that with today, I just put on the waterproofs and got out there and enjoyed it. Boy did I enjoy the hot bath when I got home and a good dousing of Rosso post-ride massage oil. Pleased to be back in the Matrix.


  1. Why wear waterproofs? I just go with a light weight rain top....I'm gonna get soaked anyway even if its dry and sunny! :-)

    The only thing I cant stand is the wind-chill or the setting off again after a stop...

  2. The Garmin 500 and 800 are a little more courteous...

  3. Not sure if the 705 behaves the same as my 305. But if you have it set to show the gradient, then that reads "--" if its not recording.
    Its an easy way to spot that you have forgotten to press the start button.