Monday, 14 February 2011

Track World Cup 2011 - Manchester Velodrome

This weekend sees the Track World Cup 2011 come to The National Cycling Centre, Manchester Velodrome. I found this video of GB mechanic Mark Ingham, behind every successful cycling squad are the back room mechanics, so nice to see them getting some airtime.

Look out for the Brother hoardings on the track perimeter. I managed to come up with the phrase sPrint faster at today, so that will be what's appearing (or a derivative of). You can see the race schedule here.

Behind The Scenes: GB Mechanics from Track WorldCup on Vimeo.


  1. Will be there Friday cannot wait

  2. Hi Phil, came across your blog by complete accident. Wow how do you get the time to live, work, ride and put all this info together. Not followed a blog before but will try to with yours. Keep up the brilliant work, a real source of inspiration. Rgds dp

  3. the blog is cool. it's clear cycling is your passion. The sport changed my life so blogs like this are always a breath of fresh air. Regards.
    Here is a video from the Track World Cup 2011 - Manchester Velodrome