Sunday, 6 February 2011

5 Tips for Riding in the Wind

Whoosh! Gust after gust hit me today in some of the windiest conditions I've ever ridden in.

The high winds had been up overnight and looking out this morning on bins all over the road, I knew it would be tough out today. Still, who ever said road cycling was going to be easy?

Spurred on by the fact that I'm going to be housebound for a couple of weeks following an op on Wednesday, race face grimace went on and off I went. Few things came to mind about riding in the wind today.

  1. Important to leave a reasonable distance between you and the kerb. At points today the gusts were so strong, they shifted me at least 1m to my left.
  2. Important to have gels etc with you. You work much harder in the wind, therefore the risk of bonking is quite high. So, remember to keep drinking and eating.
  3. Don't cross wheels. Whilst I was out on my own today, I did go on the back of a group just outside of Wilmslow. In a bunch, important to not overlap your wheels in case of a sudden gust which might bring the group down if your wheels touch.
  4. Be aware of buildings and junctions. If you're riding along protected by buildings, gaps in them can suddenly expose you to an unexpected gust, same with fences, hedges etc.
  5. Keep your hands on the bars as much as possible. Drink/eat when you're protected from the wind.
Last six or seven miles were really tough. Wind was gusting straight into my face, at one point I was doing 18mph, one big gust later, down to 12mph! Jeez. Anyway, 50 miles later, I'm glad I went out. It was tough but rewarding.

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  1. Excellent tips. Always seems to be windy here in Cumbria so always seem to be cycling in the wind. I always just view it as more resistance but it can be demoralising if really strong.

    One thing i've noticed as well here in Cumbria is no matter which direction i'm going i always seem to be heading into the wind. How does that happen when doing a loop ride!!

    Hope the op isn't anything series and goes well so you can get back out on your bike.