Saturday, 12 February 2011

Single Speeding

Cracking out 36 miles on my single speed this morning, I was thinking how different it is compared to riding a geared bike. My single speed doesn't have any gizmos on it, no speedometer, cadence or otherwise and cycling along the Cheshire roads today, I just concentrated on pedalling and enjoying the view.

Finding a good rhythm is what it's all about. Cranking the gear up takes a bit of effort, but when it's turning, you get to understand what riders mean when they say "find a good rhtyhm." When I met Graeme Obree for a coffee pre-Xmas, he talked to me about that, settling in when you found your rhythm and sustaining it. He's the master, so enough said. You certainly do curse a bit more at lights or if you're forced to stop or slow down.

I'm really enjoying the single speed. The new experience, that little bit of extra leg burn when you've got no choice but to push, rather than drop it down a gear. The purity of just you, one gear and the road ahead. One of the advantages of being single :-)

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