Friday, 19 August 2011

Simon Richardson [Update 19/08/11]

Simon's condition remains critical but stable. He is currently sedated.

Following a CT scan last night - surgeons have decided not to operate on his back, pelvis and breastbone, in favour of allowing the breaks to heal naturally, however they haven't ruled it out and it remains under review.

The wounds to Simons left leg will be closed today, in order to reduce infection risk. No trauma injury was received to his right leg (which he pedals with), so there is some relief that no injury has been sustained to it.

The driver of the vechicle has been bailed to return to Bridgend police station on October 13. He has not been named.

Simon sends a huge thank-you for the many thousands of support messages he has received from all over the world. His wife Amanda and close family are drawing great stength from the overwhelming support they have received at this difficult time.

Note to Press; Simon Richardson is a double-gold Paralympic cyclist.  On the track in Bejing 2008 he won the LC3/4 1km time trial and 3km individual pursuit. He also claimed a silver in the road time trial and assisted team mate Darren Kenny to victory in the road race.  Further details can be found on his Wikipedia page.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. Here's hoping for steady progress and healing, and the very best of decisions by the critical care staff.
    Strength and patience to Simon, Amanda and everyone who is close.