Thursday, 18 August 2011

Simon Richardson [Update] (18/8/11)

Diagnosis update

We’ve now had a full diagnosis of the injuries Simon sustained in the accident. His back is broken in two places and he has a double break (front and back) of his pelvis. His breastbone is broken and he is breathing with one lung.  His legs have some deep cuts.

Medically he remains critical but stable. The hospital’s team of surgeons and specialists is currently assessing the surgery required for his injuries and the most effective way for each procedure to take place.

Note to Press; Simon Richardson is a double-gold Paralympic cyclist.  On the track in Bejing 2008 he won the LC3/4 1km time trial and 3km individual pursuit. He also claimed a silver in the road time trial and assisted team mate Darren Kenny to victory in the road race.  Further details can be found on his Wikipedia page.

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