Sunday, 2 January 2011

60 into 11 does go

"Call an ambulance." First club ride of 2011 and we're calling an ambulance to tend to fellow North Cheshire Clarion rider Mark, who has hit a patch of black ice and taken a nasty tumble. It was the only ice we came across on the forty four mile run today, however, Mark - as a ride leader - hit it first and bang, he was down.

Seems he's busted up pretty bad with a broken hip and elbow, minimum three months off work and a load of rehabilitation. We're all gutted for him as he's worked so hard on his training over the winter. From all of us, get well soon mate.

It was my first ride of 2011 and following the drama with Mark, we set off again, split into two groups for the remainder of the ride. I thought I was going to find it tough today (but still opted to ride up and back from the departure point), however felt remarkably good.

Splitting off from the group near Hale to ride home alone (in-laws over for lunch), I pressed on and felt OK until mile 53, when my legs just gave up. "Bugger, I've bonked." I reached for the emergency gel which I'd slipped into my back pocket and - would you believe it - as I ripped the top off, the entire packet split and deposited it's contents over my brand new bar tape. Jesus! Out came the pocket baby wipes, a quick wipe down and I got going again.

There I was, out of steam, with nothing but a bottle of water and some suffering to do. So, pressed on and did the last seven miles with nothing left in the tank, was I glad to get home! It just goes to show that the low mileage in December, really impacted on my overall fitness as I could normally do sixty no problem. Perhaps I should have been a bit less ambitious today, however the excitement of being back on the road again overtook me.

So, that's around 1% of the annual total in the bag. First sixty miles of 2011 done, albeit with a couple of big dramas on the way. Only 4940 to go! Ride stats here.

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