Monday, 3 January 2011

10 Cycling Products I rate

Sixteen months after getting into cycling and oodles of cash spent on all manner of things, here's a list of some products that I've purchased which I think were worth spending the money on (in no particular order).

  1. Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump - Cracking little hand pump with a traditional valve which screws on to your tube. Get's tyres up to pressure quickly. Around £29 on Wiggle.
  2. Crudguards - Very easy to install plastic mudguard which keeps off roadspray during the winter. Utilising their own frame mount system, means you can fit these to your bike even if you don't have mudguard mounts. Around £27 on Wiggle.
  3. Dolan long sleeved jersey. I've got a wardrobe full of cycling clobber, however this one stands out as one of the warmest and most effective wind stoppers I own. Made by Vermarc, well worth the money at £55.00.
  4. Garmin Edge 705. There's been times I've wanted to launch this product across the road due to it freezing up or cutting out (common faults) however that shouldn't distract from what the product can do when it fully functions. Ultimate bike data in one unit, customisable screen which can give you up to eight pieces of data including speed, heart rate, cadence, heart rate zone, distance, ride time amongst others. Around £285 if you buy the heart rate strap with it. If you like your data, you'll love one of these.
  5. Torq nutrition products. I've tried a few products but found the Torq ones to be the best for me personally. They don't taste really sweet - as with many carb additives - and are reasonable prices.
  6. La Gazetta Della Bici Rosso Massage Oil. We all get aching muscles from time to time after a long ride and this massage oil is a fantastic product to relieve soreness. Made to his own formula by blogger and cyclist Simon Lamb, I'd highly recommend you buy some. £13.99 per bottle via Simons blog.
  7. Selle Italia SLR saddle. Lets' face it, one of the key contact points in cycling is your backside and it's not worth scrimping in this department. I've tried saddles from multiple brands including Bontrager and Specialized until settling on this. It's not cheap at around £85, however it's comfortable. It takes a bit for your sit bones to get used to it, but after that it's OK.
  8. Specialized Body Glove Sport Road Shoe. I've owned these since I got my first bike and they are very comfortable. Good support all round and with a generous front for lads with big plates like me (Size 46). Make sure you buy one size up as with most cycling shoes. Around £55 at Cyclestore.
  9. Track stand/Work stand - Neighbour Gary alterted me to this stand and I haven't seen a better priced one for the money. I've owned it for about a year and it's cracking, well made, with plenty of adjustment for cleaning/maintaining those hard to reach bits. £65.00.
  10. Helmet ID. Accidents can happen and if you're out on your own and something happened to you, this ensures that whoever finds you, can identify you, know who to call, any medical conditions etc. Attaches to your cycling helmet, easy to identify and only £10.00.
So, there's some of mine. What are yours?


  1. "Make sure you buy one size up as with most cycling shoes"


    I've never found this with cycling shoes. And I work with feet for a profession.

  2. I did I'm afraid, one size up was essential when I bought my Specialized shoes last Autumn, perhaps it's the brand but the cycle shop also reckoned cycling shoes were usually too tight if buying the same size as your regular shoes.