Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bicycle Jumble, Manchester Velodrome

Jumble! A word from the past that you'd think e-Bay had made extinct (for international visitors a jumble is where you would sell 2nd hand goods).

Not so, it seems. Arriving at Manchester Velodrome at 11.00am today faced with a queue of around 500 people for the Manchester Bicycle jumble, a herd of excited buyers flooded into the centre of the track where about a hundred vendors of all shapes and sizes were knocking out some bargains, used and new.

There was some cracking stuff to be snapped up, all at decent prices. Spare parts for refurbs, tyres, bikes, frames, clothing, you name it, you could buy it. I was in the first wave of eager buyers and set my objectives today as looking for a) full face balaclava (not robbing a bank, for those cold winter ride outs!) b) Selle Italia SLR saddle c) Some Look Keo pedals.

What I ended up with was: -
  1. Pair of Mavic Peloton Shoes for £30 (brand new). Normally £80.
  2. Selle Italia Max Flite Saddle (used) - £40. New around £80, e-Bay normally around £50.
  3. 5 x long valve inner tubes for £10. Paid £4.00 each for these, last time round.
  4. Outwet Full face balaclava - £10 (New). £18 on e-Bay.
  5. Look Keo Classic Pedals £20 - (Used). Normally around £25 on eBay.
  6. Outland Keo Pedals with cleats - £20 (New). Normally around £28.
  7. Specialized Neoprene Gloves - £12 (New). Normally around £29.99.
  8. Bad Blood - book. £1.
Walking away, I'd realised that I'd parted with a total of £143.00! Not what I thought I'd spend before I went, but got a bit carried away with it all. I'd recommend it to any bike nut, stall after stall of just bike stuff. Like being in a sweet shop! Big dangerous though as you could see from the bill, easy to be drawn in by all the bargains on offer.


  1. Blast, I knew there was something that I should have done today rather than going for a ride!
    Cheers, Tony

  2. Nice haul! I didn't go b/c I'm skint after Christmas, but I might have a look at the next one.

    It's an expensive hobby this!