Friday, 12 February 2010

New Club Kit

Here's our club secretary sporting our new North Cheshire Clarion club kit. Now it's here, we're all itching to get out and ride in the lanes of Cheshire (I've got a stinking cold, so may have to wait)!

Looking back, I'd never thought about joining a cycling club, let alone riding around in club colours, probably because I'd considered my standard/speed too low. Thankfully, I stumbed across North Cheshire Clarion whose philosphy is all embracing, due to this, the club has grown rapidly in size in a very short time. I've met loads of new people, improved my technique and have advanced as a cyclist since being part of the club.

I'd recommend anyone to join a club if you're getting into road cycling, do you're research first though, as there are many clubs who are at "elite" level and cater more for the advanced rider. We all have to start somewhere, you can't be advanced if you can't get on the ladder - so to speak, North Cheshire Clarion fits the gap perfectly, all new members welcome.

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