Sunday, 14 February 2010

North Cheshire Clarion Club Run 14/2/2010

No long rides for us today, those that had managed to get a pass out were under strict orders to be back at a decent time due to Valentines day, so I drove, rather than rode up to our departure point today.

We'd planned a 40 mile (64km) loop which you can view here, no major dramas, few inclines to go up, but nothing sharp. I'm quietly pleased, as I wasn't 100% today, I'm still on the back end of a cold but was determined to get out. I'm still full of catarrah which made breathing hard at times, my heart rate monitor was letting me know that I was pushing myself, however I felt OK most of the time.

What is making a difference is how I fuel when I'm on the bike. Within 30 mins of setting off I'd popped an SiS Go gel, then took regular sips of PSP22 energy drink. By the time we got to the cafe stop, I'd done 500ml and made up a new bottle from the powder which I took with me in a plastic bag (aswell as working my way through a coffee, a banana and a freshly baked scone with jam).

Cycling back was fun, we hit about 36mph on one of the hills. I popped another SiS Go gel about half an hour in and worked my way through the remaining bottle of PSP22 I'd made up. I also had my Bontrager wheels and "go faster" red tyres on today, surprisingly, I felt more confident with these tyres, they are more expensive and puncture proof (following last weeks fiasco) and the rims rolled nicely, so good stuff there.

Topping it all off, I managed to re-set the Garmin half way round, so I'm a bit short of ride stats, but according to the route map, there was around 1422 feet of climbing and total distance was 40 miles, if you check out Marks blog, he normally posts the full stats from his Garmin Edge data. I'll be glad when I've shaken this cold off, am behind on my monthly training plan as a result, so got some catching up to do.

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