Thursday, 4 February 2010

Been an interesting day...

Interesting day today. Fitness wise I had a full check up with BUPA, one of those top to toe check ups that does everything from BMI, Blood Pressure, Lung Capacity, Body Fat, Cholesterol, Oxygen capacity, you name it, I had it (including the "cough" moment and the "rubber glove" moment which I won't go into detail on, but you get the picture right?). I last had one about five years ago (doesn't time fly). Interestingly, despite being a stone or so heavier than then, I'm fitter. All my vital stats put me in the upper quartile of healthiness for my age, despite needing to lose another eight pounds or so in weight to hit my optimum BMI.

This bodes well for the upcoming Cheshire Cat Sportive. If I can shift the extra weight in the coming weeks, my output will increase as my internal engine seems to be firing well. I also learned that my accurate resting heart rate of 58bpm and that my recovery time from 85% vs. max heart rate was around three minutes, which means that my cardiac fitness is better than its ever been. I've achieved all this in little over six months on the bike, a real incentive for anyone thinking to get into cycling to lose weight and get fitter and a real motivation for me to keep going.


  1. Good stuff, great for motivation!

  2. I'm sure you'll manage the Cheshire cat easy.

    Apparently Mow-cop is much earlier in the route this year, then it's off to the flat roads of Cheshire.