Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday Run Out

Can't make the North Cheshire Clarion club run tomorrow, so zipped out with fellow club members Gary and Paul, plus Paul's mate Steve for a couple of hours today. Nice steady route, pretty flat, which I was pleased about as I had a squeaky chain which sounded like the bike hadn't been ridden for years (seems I hadn't lubricated it enough after last weeks clean). Weather was OK, bit windy at times, coming home the temperature started to drop considerably, we got home just before it started feeling chilly around 4pm. I'm aiming to do 1000 training miles between Jan and the end of March, Jan's total is 260 miles, so I'm a bit behind due to the poor weather early in the month, still I should catch that up as I've been doing around 90 miles per week since I was able to get out again. Overall, I've done the 260 miles at an average of 15.4 mph, so progress being made in my fitness and speed, which is good news. Total ride time 2hrs 20mins, distance 35.7 miles, average speed 15mph, max speed 32.4 mph, total climbing 960ft, calories burned 1825 (est.), avg cadence 86.

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