Thursday, 28 January 2010

Power Meter

I enjoy the science behind cycling. It became really enjoyable to me when I got a cadence/heart rate monitor cycle computer, suddenly I could get to grips with how numerous functions hang together when you're on the bike, to get you from A to B. Adding in a Garmin 205, to then get an idea of ride profile, also put another piece in my mini scientific jigsaw. Numbers can tell you a lot on how to improve. Two sets of data which are normally quite hard to come by for an amateur rider are a) Power output and b) leg stroke balance. Returning home from another session on the Wattbikes at Manchester Velodrome tonight, I've got a clear picture of both. Whilst it's a great spinning class and great exercise, the Wattbike display also show you power output and - if you flick another display on - your leg stroke balance. I always thought I push harder with my right leg, the display tells me otherwise, it's my left leg where I push a bit harder. During the session, you can tweak around with your pedalling style to get optimum balance in your stroke, that's got to be a big help on the bike. So, if you can't run to a dedicated power meter on your bike (a real luxury) or to a session with a specialist, turning up for these spin classes is a cheap way to see where you're at. Tonights stats: - Distance 29.6KM (18.5M), Ride time 52mins, Cadence avg 80, Power avg 173w, Max Power 349w, 51/49 pedal balance. Avg speed 21.3mph.

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  1. I did my my only spin session for years about 3 weeks ago. I was fasinated by all the readouts.

    I found that my pedal balance was all over the place at lower cadences, yet became roughly 50/50 at a high rpm.