Sunday, 1 November 2009

Track World Cup - Manchester Velodrome

Really interesting afternoon at Manchester Velodrome today watching the Track World Cup. I went as a VIP guest (ooh get me) of British Cycling. I've never been to Velodrome before and it was absolutely fantastic on a number of fronts, I'll put them in bullet form below: -
  1. I sat next to a really interesting fellow who is a Director of British cycling. He was brilliant at explaining all the details/strategy behind each race. We're going to have a ride out together.
  2. I was in awe at the amazing bikes, like a toy shop for adults. I want that one!
  3. We were sat very close to where the riders warmed up and warmed down, we were less than five feet away.
  4. I was surprised by the steepness of the banking on the track and the sheer speed of the riders in the sprint (60kph).
  5. The atmosphere was brilliant, electric inside.
  6. The British teams (GB & Sky) all performed brilliantly and are clearly the teams to beat.
  7. We saw a new world record in the Womens team pursuit. Well done indeed ladies.
  8. It was great to hear the national anthem played so many times.
  9. The velodrome was very warm inside, however this is intentional in order to reduce air resistance (factoid I learnt from a Director of British Cycling).
  10. Cycling is clearly a sport on the up.

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