Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cycling can be expensive....

Road cycling as a hobby can be both addictive and expensive. I'm quickly learning that. Totting up what I've spent on bits and bobs to since I got my bike last August, I've realised that I've spent as much on accessories as I did on the bike! These include such items as: -

    1. A turbo trainer
    2. A new set of wheels + tyres for the Spring/Summer (2nd hand off e-Bay).
    3. A track pump to get increased pressure in the tyres.
    4. A turbo trainer dedicated rear wheel, with cassette.
    5. A cold compound tyre for the wheel for the turbo trainer.
    6. More clothes than you can shake a stick at (e-Bay has been good for picking up bargains).
    7. A cycle computer that can measure heart rate and cadence.
    8. A Garmin 205 (2nd hand off a fellow cyclist on Twitter). Loving the profiles that this gives you post ride.
    9. Pedals, Cleats and shoes to go with them.
    10. Water bottles, cages etc.

    So, if you're getting into the sport, watch out it can cost some bucks, but who cares it's a great sport and it gives you a focus for your money. That's before you start gazing at all the amazing bikes for sale which are around five times more expensive than the bike you've just got, thinking "I'd quite like that for my next one." The picture is of Trek 5.2 that I spotted in a bike shop this Saturday, £3.5K buys you this baby. They built it up from components so it's effectively a "one off". I want it!


    1. Yes, once you get the bike, that's just the start!

      The best thing I've bought (after my bike!) is a turbo trainer. For building a base fitness level and getting the legs cycling fit there's nothing better when the weather is rubbish through winter. Of course you do need a spare wheel, special tyre etc, but it's definitely worth it.

      I'd never cycled before last january...well not since I was a teenager...but I'm amazed at how much fitter I've become and how I managed LEJOG with little pain.

      When the weather is good, the roads quiet and you're out on your bike there's no better release and I find I get into an 'empty mind' zone that I fail to achieve doing anything else.

      Now I'm on to planning the next long ride - the Tower2Tower in May 2010 - Blackpool to Paris visiting, and hopefully ascending, a tower each day :)


    2. I'm trying to do things on the cheap at the moment and it's not working. I dread to think how much cycling actually costs once you add in all of the 'hidden' expenses. That extra slice of cake at lunch, having to constantly put the washing machine on / take showers. The clothes, driving the bike to places to go riding, entry fees...