Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bike Weights

So, it's the big 100 miler tomorrow. I've checked the bike over, done the tyre pressures and all the prep. I also thought I'd weigh my bikes. My Specialized road bike has come in at 26Ibs including two full water bottles. Taking the bottles off, it's down to 22Ibs. My hybrid is a whopping 35Ibs (without the water bottles), so you can really see the difference that a road bike gives you in terms of weight. Another product that I've bought today is this. It's called "Udderly Smooth" chamois cream. I saw it on the web, so I nipped out this morning and bought a pot, so I'll see what it does. Also, Sainsburys have got all of their Lucozade Sport drinks half price today, so I've stocked up. Final purchase today is an ultra-light wind/rain resistant top. Weather forecast for tomorrow is mixed, just to be sure.

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