Sunday, 6 September 2009

Manchester 100 Miler

I completed the 100 miler today around the villages of Cheshire with three colleagues. Really pleased with the outcome. Did the ride in 6hrs and 36 mins (which was well below the 7hr 30 min target I had set for myself. Average speed of 14.9mph, cadence average 84. Calories burnt 6852 . Max Heart rate was 212, average 156. Top speed 35mph (down a huge hill, very exhilarating). What I wanted to achieve most today was to a) finish it. b) Hit 15mph average and c) Hit a cadence of 85. So, I'm pleased with the results. Area to improve is hill climbing. On many of the hills I got dropped by my team mates who had much more in their legs, so that's something to work on. On the flats I felt comfortable and was hitting an average of around 17mph. Food and fluid worked out OK, no major dramas, no cramping, no energy problems. Bike was comfortable over the distance. Across the team we've raised a £1000 for Whizz-Kidz as of today, total is still rising. Feel very pleased to have done it. Weather held up, no rain, wind around 10mph. Had a very hot bath when I got home, legs are stiffening nicely! Thanks to everyone that contributed so generously.

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  1. Well done, Really good time there, Fingers crossed I will be able to do the 100 miler next year myself