Wednesday, 4 February 2015

1,000,000 Articles Read

Five and a half years ago, following a re-introduction into cycling as a past time, it seemed a good idea to start a blog.  Today that blog achieves a milestone of one million articles read.

There I was in 2009, with a Specialized Allez Sport bike, head to toe colour co-ordinated kit and little knowledge other than how to turn the pedals.  

How hard could it be?

Jargon, acronyms, technique, gear ratios, physiology, history, technique, kit amongst a long list of things.  There was a huge amount to learn, more than I'd ever imagined. 

Reading the cycling press back in 2009, nothing seemed to give the practical advice needed for someone who was literally brand new into the sport.  There was an assumption that you already had a knowledge, which I didn't and many still don't, if jumping back on a bike after a twenty year or so break from it.  Thankfully now things have changed a lot and there's a lot more education and specialist titles.  

Searching for Answers

However, a huge amount of people continue to just search on-line for answers to specific questions and it's amazing how unique content can push up and compete with big brands and media owners.  In the early days, the blog might only get 100 visitors in a month, yet as time passed and more and more content appeared, traffic built substantially. 

The objective of the blog along is that each time I learn something new, to share it, so that if someone else encountered the same issue they could get practical help.  Articles around gear ratios, saddle positioning and bike upgrades tend to be the most popular reads.  This blog is not about money or popularity, simply about sharing and growing other people.  It has however opened up some brilliant opportunities and experiences as a by product, which is great.

Anyone will tell you who writes a blog, that it's a big commitment.  You have to constantly come up with new, relevant content.  This is the 461st post since launch to give you some idea of frequency.  Most new bloggers fail within 100 days by not posting regularly. The early days are tough, not many people read your stuff so it's easy to fizzle out through disillusionment.

Posting the first article on the 16th of August 2009, little did I know that it would go on to help so many people and hit a milestone of one million articles read.  It's amazing how many people I've met have commented on a specific action they have taken as a result of reading an article, which is exactly why it's here

For the future, more of the same and more interviews with people associated with the sport in all their different guises.  Thanks for continuing to come by and visit the site.

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