Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bespoke Builders Booming


UK manufacturing of customised bikes is booming.  Builders are popping up everywhere and a show now dedicated to the art of bespoke building (the UK Hand Made Bicycle Show held in Bristol) is flying the flag for the Best in British.  

Riders wanting to escape the generic look/feel of many of the multi-national big brands are turning back to specialist builders to get that one-off, made to measure, pride and joy bike made from scratch, something that might last a lifetime.

One of those builders is Ricky Feather, who I came across at the Manchester Bike and Tri show.  I loved the simplicity of his bikes and the attention to detail, a real master of his craft.  

In particular this stunning track bike that he made for British clothing brand - John Smedley - just oozes class.  It's a work of art, a bike that is a one-off.  Distinctive, unusual and understated but with a sense of quality, like an Aston Martin car.       

I asked Ricky to share these pictures with you and hope to have an interview with him later in the year.  For now, he's mega busy building, which is fantastic to hear.  I think any cyclist would love this bike, if not to ride, to hang on a wall.  If you're after something bespoke, this little beauty will cost you a pretty penny, but I'd bet you'd never part from it.  

Get yourself over to his website, for some images of his other builds.  All photo's have been shot by Kayti Peschke.

Purity in Form
Union Jack Themed Headtube
Simple, yet stunning visually

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