Sunday, 26 February 2012


Synchronicity II.  I know what you're thinking, The Police - 1999.  I'm actually referring to the concept of synchronicity, an event occuring as if it were some massive big picture was at play.  Let me explain.

Today, I rode out from home in Warrington and about six miles from home I pulled up at a very ordinary set of traffic lights, usual stuff - KFC on one side, Subway on the other.  I'd been thinking about the blog I was going to write today and hadn't yet come to a conclusion as to todays subject matter.  

As I was waiting for the lights to change, I hear another rider pull up on my bike wheel, I turn round to say hello, curious to see who was out and where they were going and it's only four time world champion and Olympic Gold medallist Ed Clancy MBE

Ed Clancy - Rapha Condor Sharp
Now that is synchronicity, it's 09.15am on a Sunday morning in the middle of Warrington and one of our countries best cyclists suddenly appears with some sort of divine inspiration - result and today's blog is sorted.  Riding a few miles with Ed out towards Knutsford, he happily chatted about the Worlds, travelling and bikes.  Top fella, really down to earth.

Got to say though, my planned base mile ride went to pieces.  Looking down at my heart rate monitor I was in zone 5.6 - basically close to my maximum, "Ed don't let me hold you back, nice to meet you."  He was on his Condor time trial bike and as he shot off into the distance, I set to trying to get my heart rate back under control, it took me about two miles :-)

So much for HRZ2 base miles when Ed Clancy turned up
As I got things back under control, I thought that when I got to Knutsford Costa Coffee, I'd drop Andy Tennant a text to let him know I bumped into Ed, they are great mates both riding for Rapha Condor Sharp aswell as the Team GB pursuit squad.  As I sat down with a double espresso, my blackberry light flashed, believe it or not, it was Andy texting me - what a total co-incidence, Synchonicity II.  It gets better.....

So, we exchange a couple of texts and he tells me he's out riding with his mate.  I set off to finish my 50 mile loop and set off up to Wilmslow, cut through Mobberley and down towards Hale.  It was such a nice day that I decided to cut up towards Tatton Park, do another loop up to Knutsford and drop down through Tatton from the top. 

As I'm riding through Tatton, who should come towards me but Andy Tennant on his ride, I knew it was him as you can spot Rapha kit from a distance - giving him a wave, he turned round and joined me for twenty minutes riding towards home, what base miles?  Andy was riding with Manchester Wheelers members Scott Burns who specialises in time trials, riding a 10m in under 19 minutes - he's quick.  Thankfully, both were very gracious in riding at my speed.

One of the joys of living in Cheshire is that a lot of the track cyclists live locally and do their training on the Cheshire lanes and in the Peak district.  What other sport can you think of where one of the top stars will pull up alongside you as you're out and about?  

It certainly gave me plenty to think about, the term that came front of mind to me was "synchronicity".  One of those days, when you just thought that someone, somewhere was pulling some levers and events just seem to conspire to add up to something co-incidental.  Great fun indeed.

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