Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Ride Stats

September saw me tick over 3,000 miles for the year.  A much improved month with an average of 100 miles per week, plus a higher ascent, which resultantly pulled my average speed back.  My aim this year was to click over 4,000 miles, so with three months to go, I'm positive (subject to illness and weather) that I can achieve that.

My winter bike build should be ready at the end of this month, which will mean I've got a robust aluminium frameset, with full mudguards and wider tyres to ride through the winter wind and rain - happy days.

One thing that does interest me is the amount of climbing I've done this year.  Looking back to when I first started, anything with a slight incline I called a hill to be avoided at all costs.  The Fred Whitton sportive taught me what hills were! 

I'm not the fastest, I'm not particularly built for hill climbing with my frame, but I do get up them now.  This I put down to just having an increased level of fitness and more determination, where i would have previously walked, now I try harder!

I'm never going to be the fastest going up, on the straights, over long distances or in a time-trial.  I don't cycle for that.  I cycle to feel fit, to have time to think, to meet new people, enjoy some new scenery, take me away from the laptop screen and also because I love the technology, bike bling and wider elements of the sport. 

I haven't lost much weight this year, despite the calories burned, this post I wrote a year ago goes some way to explaining why.  I predict a slow, base-mile driven winter as I'm determined to get my weight down and come into Spring 2012 stronger.

Month to Date
Mileage- 423 miles
Ride Time - 31hrs 33mins
Climbing - 11,564 ft
Avg. Speed - 13.4 mph
Avg. HR - (Not captured)
Avg. Cadence - 84
Calories (estimate) 26,915

Mileage- 3,018 miles
Ride Time - 207hrs 14 mins
Climbing - 80,663 ft
Avg. Speed - 14.6 mph
Avg. HR - 131
Avg. Cadence - 79
Calories (estimate) 185,747

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