Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Simon Richardson Update (06/09/11)

"Bring me Welsh cakes, some corned beef pasties and sweets" - that was the instruction from Simon to his wife Amanda pre-visit today.  A clear indicator that Simon is determined to get his strength back up as soon as possible.  A good gorge looks like it will do the trick!

Simon has been moved off of high-dependency today onto the trauma ward; another positive step.  He will shortly begin a period of intensive physiotherapy to get him back to his pre-accident conditioning - whatever it takes. 

He's been sitting up again today.  Hospital staff need to see him able to balance unsupported as his short term objective, before they consider other forms of treatment, so the main effort remains focussed there.

Simon has made significant progress in the last few days, it's hard to believe that it's only six days ago that he came out of sedation on the intensive care ward.  Excellent stuff.

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  1. Outstanding stuff! Simon is clearly made of stern stuff. And I'm loving the food requests. Top man :o)