Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Simon Richardson Update (07/09/11)

"Simon, you've got to be pushed - not physically, but in this chair you're sat in!"  More progress today in that  Simon is now able to be pushed around in a wheelchair, he can't propel himself as the break to his chest needs to fully heal, however it means he can now go to the loo on his own and get a change of scene from his hospital bed.  It's a daunting prospect being lay up in a hospital bed, however his medical staff think it's better for him to be up and about, so he's back on two wheels, just not the usual two wheels!

Amanda has now been fully trained to fit his body brace, so there's definitely a feeling of indedpendence building in the Richardson camp.  I asked Amanda on the phone what he'd had to eat today and the response was "he's eaten rubbish all day" - which is good news as it means his appetite is now fully restored.

Simon is looking significantly better in himself, he's keen to make quick progress in his recovery in order that he can be released from hospital soon, he's going at World Record Pace.  I'll be visiting Simon in hospital on Friday for the first time, that will be a cracking moment after so many weeks of concern. 

I'm also pleased to be able to give you a sneak peak of the #SIMONSTRONG twitter dedication bike frameset tonight.  Chris from Performance Race Art has been busy in the spray studio and it's looking fantastic.  We'll get some high-resolution photo's done when it's fully finished, but for now, admire the work of this master paint-sprayer.

TT Frameset with 685 #SIMONSTRONG supporter names on

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  1. Looks brilliant!

    Does Simon know about this or is it going to be a surprise?