Sunday, 4 September 2011

Simon Richardson Update (04/09/11)

And here it is, the first picture of Simon Richardson recovering in hospital, flanked by his friends Dave Hart (L) and Magnus Backstedt (R). 

I've spoken to Simon tonight and he's asked me to pass on this message to every person who has sent messages of goodwill: -

"Thank you to everyone,  I've no re-collection of the past month of my life so to wake up and discover what's been going on is quite a surprise.  I'm shocked at the sheer numbers of people who have been so supportive and just how the cycling community in particular has supported my wife Amanda and sent their messages of support to me.
Simons lost a considerable amount of weight and muscle mass; as he's been laid up for nearly three weeks with very little solid food, you can clearly see that as his face looks quite gaunt and his arms are very skinny.  He's making excellent progress however and medical staff are very pleased with how he's recovering. 

Magnus Backstedt remarked on his Twitter feed last night "Been to see in hospital, this guy is unbelievable. Mental strength he has could make the world turn other way

In the short time that I've come to know Simon, this one quality has shone through.  He's very matter of fact about things, there's not an ounce of self-pity and his focus is all about recovery.  I guess he's becoming a bit of an expert on the subject, expect to see him on two wheels sooner rather than later.

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