Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Simon Richardson MBE in serious road accident

Thought's are with Simon Richardson, who has been involved in a nasty hit and run incident whilst out training on his road bike today. 

Simon was knocked off his bike by a van, throwing him over his handlebars and resulting in breaks to his spine, pelvis and breastbone plus other internal injuries - he's pretty bashed up and very poorly.  Simon is currently on the Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital, Wales.

A real reminder of the dangers of road cycling, not your capabilty, but the capabilities of others to control their vehicles.  The driver left the scene of the accident, a 59 year old local man has been subsequently arrested.

I was so inspired by Simon's story, that I sponsored him earlier this year.  Tragically, this accident is a near repeat of what he experienced in 2001.  At times like this, road cyclists unite and there's been loads of messages of support on Twitter, which I'm posting here for his family to see.  If you want to leave a comment via the blog, I'll make sure it's published.

On the club ride on Sunday, I took a load of abuse from a driver who I signalled to slow down on a narrow road.  Reckless drivers are a minority, however the casualties of their behaviour, however few, are too many. 

Simon is made of pure steel, to come back from his previous major accident in 2001 proves that.  We're all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.  Will update with further news as I get it.  If you want to learn more about Simon's story, read this article.

Comments from Twitter
Please pass on my thoughts for Simon. A terrible situation which any of us could be in. Hope he gets well soon.
  • Sending strength to Simon and his family, and Skill and perfect decision-making to the Critical Care staff
  • Shocked by the news - I really hope simon makes a full recovery - terrible!
  • Dig in Simon, be strong, you're an inspiration and will continue to be, I'm sure.
  • Simon and family You don't know me but my family and I are thinking of you all Keep strong and fight.
  • Simon and family are in our thoughts. Hoping for positive news over the next few days.
  • Sounds horrible what happened. Thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery.
  • Very sad news, best wishes to Simon & his family.
  • Big support coming from Birmingham for Simon and family really hope he can defy the odds again. #shocking
  • Cyclists up and down the country are sending positive thoughts to Simon Richardson MBE tonight after a bad accident
  • Get well soon @cyclingsimonmbe
  • Pass on my best wishes to Simon and his family, I hope for his speedy recovery.
  • Thats terrible news, my thoughts are with Simon and his family and I hope he makes a full recovery
  • Terrible news Phil. Fingers crossed for him. Keep us updated.
  • Tragic
  • Hells teeth, to happen once is bad enough but twice! I wish him all the very best.  
  • Please pass on our thoughts glad they caught the driver though
  • Sorry to hear @cyclingsimonmbe badly hurt. I don't know him but naturally send my best wishes as a fellow cyclist. Heal well
  • Terrible news. Best wishes Amanda from all of us
  • Terrible news Phil. I've not met simon but know of him through twitter & your blog. my thoughts are with him & his family
  • Absolute nightmare. Amanda give Simon our best wishes
  • I pray for a quick recovery. So sorry to hear any cyclist injured.  
  • Hope Simon gets better, sounds like he's pretty battered. All the best
  • My thoughts are with @CyclingSimonMBE and his family
  • such terrible news Phil :-( Lets hope there is some good news soon. Glad to hear they got the driver 
  • Note to Press; Simon Richardson is a double-gold Paralympic cyclist.  On the track in Bejing 2008 he won the LC3/4 1km time trial and 3km individual pursuit. He also claimed a silver in the road time trial and assisted team mate Darren Kenny to victory in the road race.  Further details can be found on his Wikipedia page.


  1. Shocking news, hope Simon makes a full recovery

  2. Good luck in your recovery! Think forwards as much as you can. Chapeau.

  3. Best wishes to Simon & his family.

  4. I rode the Dragon Ride route with Simon, and he's a lovely man and an unbelievably strong cyclist, who's continued to encourage and inspire me. Thinking of you and Amanda, Simon.

    Matt Barbet

  5. Simon,

    I hope you make a full recovery soon and get back out onto the road.

    As for the van driver? I really hope that police throw the book at this imbecile and the courts hand down a very stiff sentence. Many (but not all) van drivers are a law unto themselves with absolutely no regard for other road users. The level of injuries suggest a major impact so its very unlikely the driver would have not know what had happened as he drove off.

  6. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Whether you manage to make 2012 or not, you're an inspiration

  7. Simon - sending you my deeply heartfelt best wishes. Power to you. x