Monday, 15 August 2011

Coming back from a Cold

One of the great things about social media is the people you meet, who you would never have met in a million years - without the platform.

One such person is the brains behind Propulse fitness consulting and coaching - Niko.  He's been very helpful in offering me advice behind the scenes on how to recover from my recent episode of illness.

With winter fast approaching, I asked him if he'd pen a top ten tips to help other people in my situation, which he's generously agreed to do.  So, in return please follow him on Twitter here.

How did I get it? Why me? 

Prevention is better than cure.  Remember, over 75% of all colds we get from handshakes, door handles and lifts.  
  •  Always wash your hands and avoid touching your face. 
  • If flying, always wear a hat, even if the A/C over the seat is off, the ventilation is strong in a plane, creating a draft.  
  • Echinacea prevents colds naturally, during the winter period, it is a supplement must. 
When you've got a cold, there’s still a chance to fight/prevent it, but you have to act asap, when that “strange” feeling starts, immediately take an aspirin - the real acetylsalic acid - together with 1000mg of Vitamin C.

While we are sick, there is nothing really serious we can do, we simply have to save energy and power, drink lots of water the whole time and eat light meals.

The ten tips to getting back on the bike again

  1. Your system is still weak, joints and legs need time and light training again. Don’t be impatient, remember the rule, one day off, two training days needed. One week off, two weeks needed.  The better trained the body was, the faster it will return to the previous form.
  2. Eat well and drink water. Protein from high amino acid food, like chicken breast, fish fillets, natural yoghurt and pure carbohydrates like rice and pasta and vitamins from fruit and salads will speed your recovery and bring back your strength and energy.  Extra electrolytes and aminoacids will support it more. Avoid coffee and tea. No alcohol.
  3. Sleep well and early. An early sleep boosts your system to produce hormones and recover faster.
  4. When you feel well enought to start training.  Nice and easy, smooth light gears, high rpm.
  5. Only flat routes during the first week.  Avoid the big ring, ride out of the saddle frequently but only just to stretch.
  6. Mind your heart rates. You will notice, that after being sick, your HR is much higher even with a little head wind, or riding up a small incline.
  7. A safe training HR zone till your system will be fully recovered is between 135-140.  So you can return home with an average 120-130.
  8. Check your resting HR every morning and evening and note when it starts getting lower again.
  9. Start with 1-1,5 hrs and finish the week with a 3-3,5 hrs ride. The second week start increasing the quantity, but not the quality.
  10.  After the second week your HR will be much better and your legs will start demanding heavier gears, now you can start back quality training.

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