Sunday, 23 January 2011

North Cheshire Clarion Annual Dinner

"Sprinters are all vain," proclaimed former track sprinter Denise Hamspson at the North Cheshire Clarion annual dinner last night. Denise, invited as our after dinner speaker, took us through her journey into cycling and kept us amused with anecdotes of why sprinters are different from everyone else.

I've come to know Denise well since she came to talk to my sales team at work in 2010 and knew she would be a big hit and she was. It set us all up for a great (late) night.

The resulting club ride today was expected to be a little light on the numbers. Not so. Eighteen of us turned out to make an impressive chain gang on the roads of Cheshire, swooshing along, easily the biggest group of the day. We were joined to today by the National Secretary of the Clarion cycling club - Ian Clarke who joined our previous nights festivities and gave us a few words on what's happening with the Clarion movement nationally.

It's evident that cycling is on the up all over the country. Clarion membership is increasing, with our own section now having 93 members at the time of writing, good to hear. Judging by the banter and camaraderie at the dinner last night, it's not just the on-bike activity but the off-bike too. Joining a club is a great way to meet new people, that's for sure.

We managed to raise £310 in the raffle too, seems someone with sales experience was drafted in to the job :-)

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