Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree is one of cyclings legends. The guy that took on the bureaucrats of cycling, challenged bike designs and positions and became a double World Record Holder and double World Champion. I've been very fortunate to get to know him over the last year or so. A real gentleman.

This great interview appeared on Bikeradar in July 2009 and what caught my eye was the huge gear on the fixed wheel bike in the photo.

According to the article it's a 63x13 - or in other words - bloody huge! It must take some strength to get it going, yet alone keep it pumping over a time trial. Just goes to show the strength of the man and his natural ability.

Talking to one of the lads on the club run Sunday, we talked about suffering and - over the years - Obree has demonstrated his ability to sustain long periods of maximum effort, carrying on, long after most people would have given up. He's currently writing a training manual which promises to be a fantastic read, describing his training techniques. I know a lot of cyclists will be really keen to read that.

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  1. Legend of a man indeed. I was glued to the box when I watched the Flying Scotsman.