Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Flying MAMIL

Gorgeous day for riding. Bit cold setting off, but when the sun broke through about half nine this morning, it was one of those days when you could have ridden all day. 23 of us whizzed out from Stretton heading out on a loop, taking in part of the Johnny Helms Memorial Time Trial being ridden over Knutsford way.

It was MAMIL central round Knutsford, with many clubs and riders, riding out to see the event, particularly with famous names like Graeme Obree and Yvonne Mcgregor taking part. I split off from the club cafe stop to peg it home today as it was my sons birthday party and I needed to be back in plenty of time.

On such a lovely day, it made for a terrific ride. I put the hammer down and got some great speeds in heading back to Stretton, hitting 20mph+ average for many of the miles I rode, my best mile time was 2mins 32 secs, averaging 23.6mph, happy with that. The bike felt brilliant today, the pedals just purred round, I caught and flew by many a cyclist on the way back.

It ended a brilliant week for me. If you hadn't heard I won these two amazing awards on Thursday night, Graeme Obree stopped by to visit me at home on his way to the Time Trial and lent me the original manuscript of The Flying Scotsman to read (if you have never read it or seen the DVD, you must), it was my sons birthday and my ride today, just capped it all off. Life is good.

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  1. Well done Phil, sounds like a great week!