Monday, 28 June 2010

"The Unicorn"

That's what my Dolan Ares bike was labelled when I turned up at the North Cheshire Clarion club ride on Sunday. Primarily as - regular readers of this blog will know - I've been getting a bit of jip that I've owned the bike for a couple of months, but no one from the cycling club had ever seen it (giving it a near mythical status, hence "The Unicorn").

It was a lovely run out Sunday (ride stats here), warm weather, a good turnout for the run and a cake stop at Tatton Park (the warm weather makes such a difference). Checking my stats out, I've managed to do 145 miles on the bike this week, so I think it will be a record month for me, just shy of 400 miles in the saddle.

It's all good training for the upcoming Sportives and rides I've planned. This Friday, I'll be riding the London to Dover leg of a London to Paris fundraiser that one of my customers has organised, this will give me a good kick-off into my July mileage target of 400 (the route is 82 miles). It should be fun, so if you see a mini-peloton heading out from London Bridge on Friday morning, give us some encouragement.

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