Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Meeting Dave Brailsford

"I recognise the back of that head." Sitting on the KLM flight from Manchester to Schipol today, I thought I spotted Team Sky General Manager & British Performance Director - Dave Brailsford - about four rows ahead. I did. When he jumped up to go to the loo, the he was wearing the unmistakable Team Sky shirt. I love opportunities like these, they are too good to miss, so I thought I'd grab him when we disembarked.

I'm glad I did. I ended up having a ten minute or so walk with him from the gate to the luggage collection point. In that time, he told me that: -

  • Brad Wiggins is in good shape and all his training has gone well for the Tour de France. He was non-committal on podium finishes, preferring that Brad sticks to process and sees what comes (it's a classic technique that psychologists use to minimise pressure).
  • He doesn't think Cav will repeat last years stage wins, he's not 100% at the minute fitness wise.
  • They are going to scout the cobbled stages the evening before the race as it seems the lie of the cobbles changes with humidity and all sorts of other variables (never knew that).
  • Sir Chris Hoy's training is going well for London 2012 and he may be able to repeat his gold triple if all goes to plan - wouldn't that be something!

He did mention a couple of other bits, however, I got the feeling that they weren't for publication, particularly when I asked him why Brad Wiggins isn't Tweeting anymore. So, I'll tell the trusted few only privately about that one. He also said it would be OK for me to drop by and see him at the Velodrome in the future, won't need to be asked twice!

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  1. Stop press!! If all else fails journalism might be a way forward Phil! lol

    I remember a similar moment when I went to listen to Tim Jeans of Monarch Airlines talk and we were both stood on our own by the sausages and baked beans early on - deep breath and whimper out a dry mouth "erm hello".