Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring has Sprung...

There were a lot of happy faces out there on the road today. Cyclists without hats, leg warmers, overshoes, warm gloves, neck warmers and multiple layers instead with shorts, short sleeved tops and socks, happy days!

I was one of them. Despite my best laid plans to get out and do 70 miles or so today, events (as usual) conspired against me, comes with the territory, being a dog owner, dad, husband, chief gardener and business junkie. Instead I was left with a three hour window, so task list completed, I got out there and decided to see whether I could challenge my PB from two weeks ago. For that reason, I rode the same route over to Hale, via Croft and Dunham.

It was still a little windy today, however, it was nice with the weather being a bit warmer and was cooling to ride. So, hitting the halfway point (and a welcoming coffee at Costa), all was looking good. 16.6mph average at that point. Bun, coffee and gel later, I zipped straight off for the back 20.

The wind felt a little stronger, typical, however it was no where near as bad as last weekend, so I was feeling pretty confident when I reached the 30 mile mark. The last ten I was out the saddle up anything that looked like an incline, by the time I'd got home, I'd got the new PB of 16.8mph ride average. Well happy. Another welcome small step of progress in the bigger picture of aiming to get faster, fitter and technically a better rider.

Ride summary. Total distance 39 miles, Time 2hrs 19mins, Avg Speed 16.8 mph (new personal best), Calories burned (estimate) 2164, avg . cadence 82.

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