Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My new bike frame...

For those that are interested, here's the printout of the frame/fork/seatpost design on my new bike - a Dolan Ares. I went with blue/black as it's quite distinctive. It's quite similar in look to the Pinarello Dogma that Team Sky ride. Bikes are a bit like Marmite, two people can look at the same design, one will love it, one will hate it.

When the Sky design came out, it split the cycling community, with some people loving it, some totally against it. I like it, so I'm expecting a lot of discussion when I eventually unveil it in its full glory. My main driver was designing a bike which I liked, (see earlier post) and that would be distinctive when I'm out, I'm happy that I've achieved what I want. I've got a couple of sets of wheels coming with it, some standard spokes and some deep section wheels for when I want to go a bit faster. You can't see from the side on view, but the frame has quite narrow deep tubing and integrated cabling. I think it will look the business.


  1. I've been tracking your blog for a while now and enjoy your posts. You should get yourself nominated for Crank Cycling Blog Honors at http://cranklisted.com. You deserve it.


  2. Hello Darryl, that is really generous of you to post that comment, thank you, i'll take a look!