Sunday, 21 March 2010

North Cheshire Clarion Club Ride

"Fancy adding an extra 20 on to tomorrow's ride?" came the text message from our club secretary yesterday evening. Why not, I thought, not been in the saddle for two weeks, Cheshire Cat is looming, need some miles, just get up a bit earlier and extend the planned ride.

Glad I did, managed to clock up 72 miles today (115km), 30 or so on the ride up and ride home, 42 on the club ride. Everything didn't go quite so swimmingly, fitness wise, you could tell that I'd not been on the bike for a bit. I found the ride up to the club meeting point harder than it actually was, was OK on the first stint up to the cafe stop at Knutsford and soon after, however I did find the final 20 miles harder work than usual. I thought that might be the case.

Thirteen of us rode out today, the route was pretty flat, which suited me and weather was cold and foggy first thing, however it warmed up as the day moved on. It was great to welcome some new riders and see the North Cheshire Clarion continue to grow.

Club member Mark rode his self-built Scott CR1 out today. It looked magnificent and he's done a brilliant job of it, have a look at his blog, where he's captured some of the build. Good job Mark!

Total Ride 72.2 miles, Calories estimate 4455, Average speed 14.8mph, Avg. Cadence 85, Ride Time 4hrs 50mins.

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