Thursday, 21 January 2010

Spinning Class at Manchester Velodrome

I did two classes back to back tonight. Not by design, by accident. I arrived 10 mins late for the first class, so - after a generous offer by the instructor - decided to stop on and do another one. Surprisingly, it wasn't anywhere near as tough as I thought, I must be getting fitter. I pushed it hard on the climbs and maintained good cadence throughout. Ride stats---> Class 1: Avg. speed 35.7 km/h(22.3mph), cadence 82, Avg power 186w, Peak power 329w, total distance 21.6km (13.5 miles), ride time 36 mins. Class 2: Avg speed 29.2km/h (18mph), cadence 79, Avg power 179w, Peak power 334w, total distance 26.4km (16.5miles), ride time 46 mins. Overall distance 48km/30 miles.

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