Tuesday, 12 January 2010

1991 Tour de France

I've been watching DVD's of the Tour de France over the last couple of months, I've just finished the 1991 race, which Spanish rider Miguel Indurain won. This was to be his first of five successive victories in the tour. It's amazing how much bike technology has changed in under twenty years, when you look at the bikes they were riding then, it was less about wind resistance and more about strength and guts. The DVD soundtrack is quite funny, it starts like the soundtrack to a Western, transcends into 80's disco and then into some full on orchestral manouveres. Great viewing, just love these older races.

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  1. Ahh Big Mig and his great rival Rominger, this was the first year I watched the tour live. Wasn't for about another 3/4 years that technology really started to make a big difference - Indurain's Swordfish, and Boardman's Lotus - but only really in TTs