Sunday, 29 November 2009

Written in the Runes...

I'm not superstitious. Never have been. Although today, I have to say I thought that events were conspiring against me. Let me explain. I was in two minds to go on the club ride out today. Mentally wasn't there as still felt tired after a long week at work, was also under some pressure to be home by a certain time, it looked like rain and I had one of those should I/shouldn't I moments. Nevertheless resolved to put a brave face on it all, get myself sorted out and get out on the bike as haven't much opportunity to get on the turbo trainer during the week and I have to fly to Japan at the weekend. So, got to Stretton, met the lads, got underway. 2 miles in, ping! One of my back spokes collapsed and managed to wrap itself round my rear hub. Got it removed at the side of the road, however the wheel had buckled in the process and the technical assessment was to turn back. So, I managed to get myself back home and question was, what to do next? Go out on my hybrid in the pouring rain or jump on the treadmill and watch a Tour de France DVD which had just come (courtesy of Lovefilm). The treadmill won it and I'm glad I did. The DVD was of the 2003 Tour, when Lance Armstrong picked up his fifth tour title. It was gripping viewing and the Tour pretty much got settled on stage 15 and over the time trial. It was so good, I stayed on the treadmill for the whole 2hr episode so felt that I had at least done something to offset not going out and burning 3k calories on the ride with the North Cheshire Clarion boys. I have to say though, after looking out at the pouring rain for the two hours whilst I was inside on the treadmill, I was kind of glad in one way to be in the dry. However, I did miss being out with the club, I always feel knackered when I get back from a long ride out and look forward to my hot bath when I get home as my reward. So, wheel repair shop, next stop!

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