Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ten Tips for Cycling in the Rain....

Having done around 20M in the tipping rain today, thought it might be worthwhile sharing what I've learnt so far about what kit to have and general observations: -

  1. Invest in a decent windcheater with wet protection. It really is miserable being wet on the bike and good upper body protection is vital to keeping your spirits up.
  2. Make sure you wear your cycling glasses to keep the rain out of your eyes. Most brands/styles have interchangeable lenses so you can ride with clear lenses or tints.
  3. Buy some overshoes. After a ride out where my feet got soaked, these were a "must have" investment. Only about £20, but worth every penny, believe me.
  4. Buy a hi-vist gilet or over-jacket. When it rains, visibility is poor. Give drivers every chance to see you.
  5. Get some mudguards (I haven't yet). All the decent guys that I ride with have them. Next on the list for me.
  6. Beware the slippery roads/paths. Be a little more cautious.
  7. Wash and dry your bike as soon as you get home. Buy a decent bike cleaner/de-greaser to help shift the grime.
  8. Keep your chain etc well oiled. Use a specialist oil, which you can buy for about a tenner, which is designed for wet conditions.
  9. Buy some decent full fingered gloves. You can pick some up for about £10 - £15.
  10. Don't be put off by the wet. If you've got the right kit on, cycling in the rain isn't as bad as you think.

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