Sunday, 18 October 2009

Today's Ride Out

Great ride out today with North Cheshire Clarion around the roads of Cheshire. Ten riders made it out this morning and learning from the last ride, we were all wrapped up a little warmer and more prepared for the weather (having taking a battering from the rain last time we were out). I had my new overshoes on, which kept my feet a lot warmer (well pleased I got them). It was brisk to start, warmed up a bit, then the temperature dropped again so my windcheater stayed on most of the time. Profile of the ride was hillier than our last ride out (see the green line on the graph) and according to my Garmin, we climbed around 3,000 feet in total during the ride out of around 45 miles. Average speed was 14.6mph, top speed was an exhilarating 36.1mph, my cadence was 86 and total time in the saddle was 3hrs 44mins (including my there and back cycle of around 10 miles, my total distance for today was 54.9 miles). Our route leader for today (Andy) took us through the leafy back roads and we were all mucho impressed at his knowledge of the B roads (great job and he has an awesome bike too). The hilly profile was challenging for me at times, I had to knock it down into the lowest gear and spin like crazy, however I never got off the bike, so that's a small step forward on my road to fitness. True to their word, the chaps waited for me to catch up and were encouraging to keep me going. They'll be a club meeting tomorrow night for anyone that fancies it, details in the "events" menu here. New members welcome.

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