Saturday, 12 September 2009

New Personal Best Avg. Speed

I've had a rest this week, to give my body the necessary time to recover after the 100 miler last weekend. Was really looking forward to getting out on the bike today and the riding conditions were perfect. Lovely sunny day, with a small breeze. Did my usual route from Altrincham up to Nether Alderley. Total ride time 1hr 55min. Max Heart Rate 171, average 152 (right in the zone). 1908 Calories burnt. Distance 30.4 miles (48.6km), average speed 15.8 (the new PB), max speed 30.3. Avg. cadence 81 (I tried a new system today of higher gear , slightly lower cadence). Felt like I could have easily done 60 miles today, however was tied to be back at a certain time. The average speed is around a 6% improvement from my previous, so that's within the target that I've set for myself of increasing my average to 16mph within the next couple of months. Progress is coming along well, I'm keen to be faster, fitter and stronger, however it does take time and I have to keep reminding myself of that. A good day.

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