Saturday, 22 August 2009

Training Update

So, had some time free this morning so took the bike out on the roads of Cheshire, lovely day for it. My aim for today, was to see what average speed I could sustain over a 20M+ route with a cadence of around 90 (I averaged 86 in the end). Conclusion was 15mph average across the 90 minute ride of 22 miles. My heart monitor decided not to work today, which was a bit annoying as I also wanted to see just how hard I was working. Given that the Manchester 100 is only a couple of weeks away, that means I'm heading for a time of around seven hours, which would be fantastic given that I'm relatively new to this and still building fitness. I'm going to make that my target. Plenty of road cyclists out this morning, everyone managed a wave. Lowlight of the day was I was speeding (I thought) along a straight at around 22mph, only to be overtaken by an Armstrong lookalike going a lot faster. Have to keep reminding myself that I'm in the early stages and that fitness will come over a longer period of time.

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