Sunday, 8 January 2017

2016 Mileage and Training Roundup

So, 2016 is over and it's time to count up the hours of training and see how it's gone.  It's ended up being a record year for mileage overall.  Around half the hours have been done on my Wattbike, mostly doing prescribed sessions from retained coach Propulse.  

Key gain this year has been in heart fitness and recovery.  Overall average speed has increased but average heart rate has decreased to achieve that.  Towards the end of the year I did a power test, results shown below which have created a benchmark to improve on in 2017.

Average Heart Rate - 130bpm
Max Heart Rate - 188bpm (my actual max).

Continuous Power - 275W
12 Minute Power - 312W

Total Hours in Saddle: 452 Hours
Total Distance Covered: 8,506 miles/13,689km

Jan -22 activities/29 hours/572 miles
Feb - 23 activities/34 hours/656 miles
Mar - 26 activities/37 hours/720 miles
Apr - 31 activities/41 hours/822 miles
May - 28 activities/50 hours/897 miles
June - 25 activities/43 hours/794 miles
July - 27 activities/45 hours/865 miles
Aug - 32 activities/43 hours/800 miles
Sept - 18 activities/33 hours/595 miles
Oct - 24 activities/35 hours/666 miles
Nov - 21 activities/26 hours/480 miles
Dec - 19 activities/34 hours/637 miles

H1 totals - 155 activities/234 hours/4461 miles
H2 totals - 141 activies/216 hours/4043 miles

  • Riding Mt. Teide in November.  Blog here.

  • Having a virus during the back end of November and first three weeks of December (you can see from the reduced ride activities in November and December).

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