Thursday, 31 December 2015

December 2015 and Year End Mileage

So today was the last training session of 2015, wrapping up a record year in terms of miles covered.  

Squeezing a quick post internal session recovery ride in for coffee today, it was a good time to reflect and how much more progress I was able to make whilst working with a coach.  It also came to mind just how wet and windy it's been this winter and how many of the miles (1,934) had been indoors. 

2016 brings new opportunity as always and the plan is to maintain my new lower weight, build core strength and muscle where required and continue to use cycling as a way of staying healthy, both physically and mentally.  Simple.

I hope it's been a great year for you and wish you safe miles in 2016.  Thanks for continuing to visit the blog and I hope to see you on the road sometime.

Month to Date

Mileage- 760 miles/1,216km (+344% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 37hrs 03mins 
Ascent - 4,960ft
Avg. Speed - 20.5mph/32.8km/h
Avg. HR - 129bpm 

Wattbike Miles- 557
Road Miles - 175

Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) - 24 (Flat) 

Year to Date

Mileage- 5,789 miles/9,262km (+58% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 320rs 02mins 
Ascent - 119,347ft (-17% vs PY)
Avg. Speed - 18.1mph (+9.6% vs. PY)
Avg. HR - 134bpm

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