Sunday, 26 October 2014

October 2014 Mileage

Getting back to business. 

Most of my miles this month have come in the second half of the month with some work commitments getting in the way as we rolled into October.

I don't know about you but of the five rides I've done, four of them have been in blustery conditions with gusts in the 25mph+ range.  The wind can be a great training partner and looking at your heart rate is a good indicator of that extra effort you need to push through.  Checking my heart rate it's up around six beats per minute (+4%) relative to where I would normally end up on a month (around 145bpm).

It's important to keep an eye on your food intake when having to ride in gusty conditions and it's easily overlooked.  That extra 2-5% can be the difference in how your body chooses to fuel and it's easy to bonk, always carry an emergency gel or whatever is your chosen form of fast carbs, for that crucial moment when everything begins to fade.

On the positive side, despite the wind, average speed is reasonably stable with the engine getting back to normal assisted by frequent two and half hour endurance rides.  Miles are a little behind year on year, however that's just a consequence of illness and priority, so easy to let that one go.

As we head into winter and onto our winter bikes, keep yourself visible as much as possible. Stay safe.

Month  to Date

Mileage- 218miles/349km (+50% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 12hrs 34mins 
Ascent - 8,097ft
Avg. Speed - 17.3mph (-3% vs. PY)
Avg. HR - 151bpm
Calories (estimate) -8,966
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) - 37.1 (Flat) (+14% vs. PY)

Year to Date

Mileage- 3,143miles/5,028km (-11% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 197hrs 06mins 
Ascent - 128,779ft (-2% vs PY)
Avg. Speed - 16.1mph (Same vs PY)
Avg. HR - 146bpm
Calories (estimate) - 121,333
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) - 41.0(Medium) 

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