Monday, 4 August 2014

July 2014 Mileage

It had to happen following my best month ever - one of my worst. 

I knew July was always going to be challenging as we were going on holiday and it was a short month in terms of weekends with the first weekend occurring on the 5th of the month (Yorkshire Tour de France stages).

It was always my plan to watch the Tour de France in Yorkshire from beginning to end, having ridden it a few weeks before (blogpost here).  It meant ride time was squeezed that weekend, but I managed to squeeze in 70 miles at a decent pace.  And that's where it begun and ended.

The following weekend I was carrying a very heavy cold + virus, so completely off the bike, the weekend after we flew off on holiday on the Sunday , Saturday was packing, so that was July done and dusted.  

Having finished June with such good form and fitness, it was a real blow to be ill.  Thinking I could catch some fitness up in the hotel gym on holiday, my heart sunk when all they had was a cross trainer for €10 per use.

First weekend back and I nipped up to Beacon Bikes in Whalley to attend a demo weekend.  Asked to take my kit and bike up, I ended up out with Rob Hayles (former pro and test rider) in front of me whilst riding with some potential customers.  My first ride in five weeks, in the hilly lumps of the Trough of Bowland for an hour - ouch.  A baptism of fire.

Still, the engine re-build begins here.  Got a couple of lumpy rides coming up, so all to train for.  Happy days, into July we go.

Month  to Date

Mileage- 70miles/112km (-80% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 3hrs 41mins 
Ascent - 1,870ft
Avg. Speed - 18.4mph (Same vs. PY)
Avg. HR - 145bpm
Calories (estimate) -2,492
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) - 26.7 (Flat) (-14% vs. PY)

Year to Date

Mileage- 2,387 miles/3,819km (-11% vs. PY)
Ride Time - 151hrs 54mins 
Ascent - 98,219ft (-3.6% vs. PY)
Avg. Speed - 15.8mph (-1% vs PY)
Avg. HR - 145bpm
Calories (estimate) -90,158
Ride Ascent Ratio (Ascent/Miles) - 41.1 (Medium) 

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