Saturday, 24 May 2014

British Cycling Related Businesses

With the cycling sector booming and with a lot of money up for grabs from affluent buyers, it inevitably leads to a number of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to launch new products and services.

If you prefer to invest some of your hard earned money into these British businesses and start-ups or offer support in terms of spreading the word, here's just a few that I recommend and have personal experience of,  I'll keep updating this list as I meet more businesses on my travels: -

Bikmo.  Price comparison website for cyclists aggregating lots of deals from various suppliers.

Hope Technology.  Manufacturing Disc Brakes , Seat Stems,  Wheels, Bottom Brackets - LED Lights and Hubs to name but a few in Barnoldswick since 1989.  I run Hope hubs on a set of wheels which roll very well.

Meccanica. High quality British cycle related fashion clothing.  I've recently invested in some of their T-Shirts.  Based in Knutsford.

One Life ID. Personal identify products such as bracelets, labels and bands which store your important identify and health attributes.  Never ride without mine on.
PocPac.  A range of products from phone protectors to the Ass Saver mudguard.  I use the iPhone cover, which is a neat product which keeps your phone dry but still allows you to use it whilst in the protective zip up pocket.

Pete Matthews Wheelbuilders.  Rather than buy an off the peg set of wheels which may not suit your weight or riding style, for around £400 you can have your own set built by this Liverpool based master wheelbuilder.

Purple Harry Cleaning Products.  Retailing a range of cleaning products for your bike.  I'm a particular fan of their 'bike floss' products which allow you to effectively clean hard to reach areas like cassettes.

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