Thursday, 27 June 2013

London to Paris 2013 Unofficial G4 Awards #L2P2013

Four hundred and fifty individual stories, one journey.  That's how I describe the three day London to Paris event run by HotChillee.  For the second year riding the event, I met some great people and had a huge craic in the large group of 80 riders in group four.  

There were some great personalities, so in no particular order here are my 'Unofficial Group 4' rider awards.
  1. Most colour co-ordinated female (bike + clothing) - Lucy Russell.  Absolutely everything was either red, white or black.
  2. Most colour co-ordinated  male (bike + clothing) - Clark Povey.  Rapha must of taken a fortune of you Clark!
  3. Most colour co-ordinated white outfit (bike + clothing) - Jonathan Durling of Skoda.  Sabotaged his own Condor bike to get a top to toe white Campagnolo EPS test bike.  White kit, arm warmers, leg warmers + matching bike - yowsa.
  4. Loudest cycling top - Toby!  Pilots were wearing sunglasses!
  5. Most expressive dancer at the after party - Rob Spedding!  Frustrated break dancer.
  6. Heart and Soul award - Lucy Scott.  Epic!  Grimaced through an attack of cramp and toughed it out, despite the pain.
  7. What wind? Award - Nici Butchart who managed to always be the right side of the cross-winds.
  8. I'm held together by sellotape award - Katherine Tonks who had her back almost covered in tape from the physiotherapy team and outstretched everybody - including the instructors - in the stretching clinic.
  9. I've got Rapha legs award - Richard from Future Publishing who had a perfectly straight pink plaster put up one of his achilles.  A cheap but very effective way of impressing everyone, go buy the real stuff Richard!
  10. The Whatbike? award.  Matt from Wattbike who punctured in the last mile of the run in and walked into Paris.  Living those brand values Matt!

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  1. Wow, this just incredible. I don't know what to say. I haven't prepared a speech or unexpected...sob...sob...sob. I guess I'd like to thank my parents for blessing with the natural talent to big ring it, to Science in Sport for giving me the opportunity to to ride L2P and, of course, to Group 4. The Group of Champions! Slowing!